Whitening your smile: All the shiny details.

Everyone can appreciate a sparkling smile, so we’re here to help. Many patients ask us what whitening options we recommend and what we offer, so here is our list! If you need help choosing the best option for you, schedule an appointment or ask us at your next visit! WHITENING STRIPS FROM THE STORE: ready-made […]

No shots? No problem! Patient comfort is our PRIORITY.

Patient comfort is very important to us at Cromwell Dental Care, and we are excited to introduce our newest way to reach this goal—The Solea Dental Laser! No shots, no pain, and easy appointments! How are we incorporating laser dentistry at Cromwell Dental Care? Laser dentistry provides a way for Dr. Cromwell and Dr. Conley […]

Let’s talk about kids!

Every kid LOVES coming to the dentist, right? We’re here to make sure that happens! Kids are impressionable, and we want to start their dental visits off on the best note. We focus on education for kids and parents, and nutrition for helping teeth grow nice and strong–all while making it fun! Check out Dr. […]

Working Hard or Hardly Working?

“Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.” – Simon Sinek, author, Start with Why Believe it or not, our staff enjoys more in life than just dentistry.. so we occasionally spend time together outside the office doing fun activities. Last week, we went to Board & Brush to create custom […]

Its a family thing!

We are excited to announce the addition of Dr Cromwell’s sister Dr. Lisa Conley to our practice. She is a graduate of The Ohio State University College of Dentistry in 2002. This newest addition to our team has increased our availability to serve the community. We now offer Friday appointments on the first Friday of […]

When should I floss my teeth?

This question comes up quite often in the office. My advise is to just make sure your flossing every day. Most of us know that flossing is required daily to prevent cavities from forming between the teeth, but not many people actually do what we are told. Even though flossing is a tedious process, if done […]

Welcome to our new website

Over the last couple of months your Marysville dental team has been working hard to come up with a more informational website for current and future patients. We have established a more involved social media campaign to inform our patients of upcoming offers, events that we are participating in, office news, and fun dental informational […]