Meet Drs. Cromwell and Conley

Your dentists in Marysville, OH.

Justin Cromwell who is a dentist in Marysville, OH and owner of Cromwell Dental Care

From Dr. Cromwell:

"I’ve always believed in total care when it comes to dentistry. My father is a dentist who truly cares for his patients' needs and lives. Needless to say, he is loved and respected by the whole town. It didn't take long for my older sister and I to follow his example of giving back to our community."


‘‘I've learned my core values from my parents such as kindness, respect, and genuine concern that have made my practice a place where we can care for your families' health.’’

– Dr. Justin Cromwell, dentist in Marysville, OH

Leading The Way For Total Care In Marysville

"To this day, I value education – for myself and my patients. I want to be someone with whom patients can entrust their smile and overall health. But overall, I want my patients to be in the driver's seat. My team and I go the extra mile in explaining and illustrating how their oral health affects their life. This helps to equip patients with the knowledge and understanding they need to make an educated decision regarding their healthcare."

Dr. Justin Cromwell who is a dentist in Marysville, OH




Being a working professional and beloved parent himself, Dr. Cromwell has honored his philosophy of total patient care by advancing his education and staying updated with the latest technology.


Meet Dr. Lisa Conley

Our other dentist in Marysville at Cromwell Dental Care.

Dr. Conley who is another dentist Marysville OH at Cromwell Dental Care

Dentistry is a field Dr. Conley became familiar with at a young age. Growing up in Northwest Ohio, her father was the only dentist in a very small town. His desire and commitment to help others inspired Dr. Conley to follow in what has since become a family tradition.

She graduated from Marietta College with a Bachelor of Science while playing four years of varsity volleyball. After graduation, Dr. Conley went on to earn her DDS from The Ohio State University College of Dentistry. She is a current member of the American Dental Association, Ohio Dental Association, and the Columbus Dental Association.

Dr. Conley has been practicing dentistry for the past 15 years helping patients to gain and maintain healthy smiles. When not at work, Dr. Conley enjoys spending time with her husband and three children.

Dr. Conley who is another dentist Marysville OH at Cromwell Dental Care

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